What Every Homeowner Should Know About Fences

Adding A New Fence Around Your Property

Whether it is installed around the entire perimeter of your property, or in a specific area, adding a fence to your property is a step that will need to follow important and comprehensive planning steps if it is to be successful. Otherwise, you could find yourself with a fence that may not meet your needs, violates local building codes, or suffers from a variety of other complications.

The Path Of The Fence Will Have To Be Carefully Planned

The path that the fence will take around your property will have to be considered because there may be obstructions along the way that will have to be avoided. A common example of this can be trees that may be growing around the property. However, this is not the only type of obstruction that may need to be avoided. For example, you may also need to avoid blocking storm drains since a fence that is poorly positioned could limit the flow of water and flood much of the surrounding area.

The Concrete Anchors For The Fence Posts Will Need Time To Cure

To hold the fence posts in place, it is common for concrete to be poured into the fence hole. This will allow the fence to be properly anchored in place so that it is less likely to tip over. Once the concrete has been poured and the post put in place, enough time will need to be provided for the cement to fully dry. This may only take a day or two, but it is necessary as the vibrations and forces generated from securing the fence beams to the post can cause it to shift the position or the post.

The Placement Of Entry Points In The Fence Will Have To Be Considered

While you likely want a fence to improve the security of your property, it is important to be mindful of the fact that the placement of entry points for the property will need to be established. A common example of this can be choosing a type of style of gate to install on the driveway. Additionally, there may be areas in the fence where you want to add a secured door or other entry points. To avoid the risk of unauthorized access through these points, you should consider installing a lock or access control panel to avoid these points in the fence becoming extremely vulnerable areas.

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