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5 Style Options For A New Wood Fence Installation

If you are installing a new wood fence, then you should spend some time learning about the different style options that are available. Versatile wood provides options to fit almost any need.

1. Solid Privacy

Solid privacy fences are likely the most recognized style of wood fencing. These fences consist of pickets spaced no more than a few centimeters apart—far enough to provide privacy but with a bit of wiggle room in case the wood swells when temperatures and moisture levels shift. The boards are nailed directly to the horizontal rails with no additional framing. The tops of the pickets can be level, scalloped, or arched. Solid fences are great for families with pets and children.

2. Offset Pickets

Offset pickets feature pickets attached to both sides of the rails, but they are offset from each other so some air can circulate through without impeding privacy. There are no gaps between pickets to compromise privacy since the opposite-side pickets fill the gaps between the near-side pickets. Offset fences are attractive and they are less likely to blow down since wind can weave through them. This also helps avoid stagnant air inside smaller fenced yards.

3. Modern Louver

Louvered fences don't have moving louvers like you would find on window coverings of the same name. Instead, the name refers to the pickets being installed horizontally between the support posts, thus negating the need for rails while giving the fence a unique look. Louvers can be fit together tightly for privacy, or spaced slightly to allow air and light through. In some designs, louvers are installed at a slight tilt to allow airflow space without decreasing privacy.

4. Vertical Panels

Panel fencing is very similar to solid privacy, except the pickets are framed into panels instead of nailed directly to the fence rails between the posts. The panels are then attached directly to the fence posts. Panel fences are available pre-built, which means they will go up quickly on your site. The framing also gives the fence an attractive finished look. 

5. Estate Rails

Estate rail fencing is primarily used to delineate property lines and for cosmetic purposes. Rail fences tend to be lower in height compared to other wood-style fences since their purpose is not privacy or security. Between two and three horizontal rails stretch between each set of posts. Rail fences can be made of rough-hewn lumber for a rustic look, or from neatly cut dimensional wood for a more stately appearance. 

Contact a fence installation service to view all the various styles of wood fencing that are available.