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4 Home Security Installations a Fence Contractor Can Do

Fences can serve many purposes, and they come in various designs. They can define boundaries, create privacy, provide safety and security, or just for decoration. Some fences are more effective than others at these tasks. Security fences are made with extra security features to make them more difficult to overcome or climb by outsiders. A strong fence is essential in the security setup of a property. You need an experienced fence contractor to make a robust security fence with different security essential components. What are these installations that require the expertise of a fence installer?

1. Metallic or Concrete Security Fence 

A high-quality fence is a must for your secure home. A fence contractor can install a security fence that not only looks attractive but is highly secure. A metallic or concrete security fence can be customized according to the size of your property and the level of security you want. For example, your fence installer can make it as tall as you want, with narrow slits for easy visibility but difficult for intruders to climb. 

2. Vehicle Security Gate      

A vehicle gate is a major component of the overall security system of your home. They are usually made of metal and are heavy-duty enough to withstand any attempt to break into your property. They are the first line of defense for your home and can be opened by remote control, keypad, or a combination of both. 

3. Alarms and CCTV     

An alarm system with CCTV cameras is another must-have in any security setup. An alarm system will alert you if there is an intruder on your property or if it detects any other possible threat. 

CCTV cameras are also essential for surveillance of your property and recording any suspicious activity. A fence contractor can install a high-quality alarm system and CCTV cameras to give you peace of mind in your home. 

4. Electric and Razor Wire     

Electric and razor wire are the last line of defense against intruders. It is usually the topmost layer of a security fence. It is designed to stop intruders dead in their tracks, literally, by making them fall to the ground with electric shock or getting cut by razor-sharp wire. 

It is made up of continuous wires linked together through insulators on posts or other structures. It can be installed on top of existing fences or walls to provide extra protection for your home.  

The above five installations are just some of the things that a fence installer can do for you. Contact a fence contractor (for example, Admiral Fence Co. LLC)today for more information about installing a security fence.