What Every Homeowner Should Know About Fences

Common Fence Installation Mistakes To Avoid

A properly installed fence can provide privacy, security, and improved aesthetics for your property. Therefore, you need to make sure that you install your fence correctly to benefit from your structure. While you may understand what you're expected to do during your fence construction project, you may commit some mistakes unknowingly. Here are the common fence installation blunders to avoid.

Not Knowing Your Property Boundaries

You may begin fencing your property without identifying your property boundaries. Vegetation or markers may guide you to know where your property ends, but these may not be accurate. You may end up performing fence installation on your neighbor's property. You may need to demolish the fence or face legal problems in such cases.

Additionally, a lack of proper boundary identification may result in the construction of your fence further inside your property. This is a great loss as you leave some extra usable space for your neighbors. Therefore, consider hiring a land surveyor to mark your property boundaries to enable you to set up your fence in the right place. In return, you avoid property disputes and utilize your property space accordingly.

Not Understanding Fencing Laws

There are many local fencing regulations set up by organizations like homeowners associations and local authorities. For instance, local authorities set fencing regulations that ensure your safety. Thus, the authorities may prohibit the construction of a fence next to the road even if your property boundary ends there. The law may dictate that you build the fence a few meters from the road to protect your structure against damage by car accidents.

In contrast, homeowners associations may pass fence installation laws dictating the acceptable fencing heights and aesthetics. Installing a fence you like that doesn't meet these regulations may lead to legal problems. In this regard, familiarize yourself with different fencing restrictions to avoid trouble with the law.

Not Planning Your Fencing Project

If you don't plan your fence installation project, you may overspend on your fence by spending more time than required. Therefore, invest in a proper plan that should outline important aspects, including:

Writing down your project plan can help you devise ways for accomplishing each task as per your plan, ensuring that you meet project goals. Also, this increases the efficiency of your fencing project.

The common mistakes to avoid during fence installation include not planning your fencing project and not knowing your property boundaries and relevant fencing regulations. Avoid these blunders to install your fence fast and efficiently. 

For more information about fence installation, contact a local contractor.