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Have A Dog That Keeps Getting Out? 2 Type Of Fences To Keep Them In

If you have a dog that keeps getting out of your backyard you need to change the fence that you have. There are fences available that will keep your dog from escaping. Below is information about two of these fences so your dog will stay in the yard. 

Vinyl Fence

One option you have is a vinyl fence, which you can find in a variety of colors. This type of fence is available in different heights so you can find one tall enough so that your dog could not jump over it no matter its size. This fence is a privacy fence also, which means there are no spaces in it. This prevents your dog from seeing out of the fence which will help keep them in. There is also nothing for them to grab onto if they do try to climb the fence. Vinyl is easy to care for and to clean it you can use a garden hose to wet it down and wipe off any dirt you see. 

You can hire a fencing contractor to install the vinyl fence for you. If you do want to install it yourself, it will come to you unassembled in most cases. If so, make sure it comes with post caps and posts. If not, you will need to buy these things separately. 

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is not as expensive as other types and does not require a lot of maintenance. The fencing will also last you for many years as it is durable. You can find this fencing in just about any height you want. 

One thing to consider about chain link fences is your dog will still be able to see through them. Because of this if they often bark at things they see you will have to put up with this. Still, if you purchase one tall enough, they will not be able to jump over it. If your dog is adamant about getting out, they may try to chew through the chain-link wires, break them, and get through, especially if you have a very large dog. One way to deal with this is to make sure the fence you purchase has thick gauges. These are much heavier, and your dog could not chew through them. 

A fencing contractor can give you more information about vinyl and chain link fencing, as well as tell you of more fencing options that are available.