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Vinyl Fencing: It's More Than Low-Maintenance

Tell a fence contractor that you want a low-maintenance fence, and chances are, they will recommend vinyl. Indeed, vinyl is a really low-maintenance fencing option. You don't have to paint it. You don't have to scrub it. And you definitely don't need to treat it with insecticides. However, vinyl fencing has more going for it than its low-maintenance demands. Here are some other big advantages of vinyl fencing.

It's easy to install.

Even if you're not installing the fence yourself, the fact that it's easy to install is a major advantage. Your installers won't have to be on-site as long, so the fence installation won't interfere with your schedule so much. You will also pay less to have a vinyl fence installed since the process doesn't take as long and is pretty simple. Vinyl fencing comes in large, premade panels, making it pretty easy to construct the whole fence. Compare this to wood fencing, which usually needs to be assembled board by board, or to metal fencing, which can be heavy and cumbersome to install.

It won't splinter or cut anyone.

Most fences are safe when they are new. However, many fencing materials break down and become less safe over time. Wood fences, for example, eventually start breaking down and splintering. You might rub against the fence and get a splinter, or your child may get a splinter themselves if they touch the fence. Metal fences do not splinter, but sometimes they develop sharp edges as they begin to break down. Vinyl does not have either of these issues. It does not splinter, and while it might be rough if it breaks, it doesn't become anywhere near as sharp as metal.

It's flexible.

You don't realize how important it is for your fence to be flexible until you look around after a storm and realize all of your neighbors' less-flexible fences are cracked and broken. Vinyl really does a good job of bending and going with the flow. If a gale-force wind flows through, your fence may bend a bit, but it should not break. Vinyl fences can even survive branches and other things falling on them since they bend a little. 

Vinyl fencing is definitely a low-maintenance choice, but that is far from the only reason to choose vinyl for your fencing. It's also a good option if you want a fence that is flexible, not sharp, and easy to install.

For more information on vinyl fencing, contact a fence contractor in your area.