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3 Tips To Follow HOA Guidelines For Front Yard Fencing

Having fencing installed in your front yard can be a big decision since you don't want issues where privacy and security are concerned. Suppose you're eager to install a fence, but your home is part of a homeowners association. In that case, you'll need to be diligent about following any rules.

Working with experienced fence contractors and referring to your HOA will be much easier with the tips below.

Refer to the HOA Guidebook

As you look for a new fence to have installed, you need to see if there are any restrictions over the height or design of the fence. A short fence may seem obvious enough when it comes to fencing your front yard, but there's also the concern that your fence is made of the wrong materials. Solid wood fencing has many benefits, but a solid design could be against the rules.

Checking the HOA guidebook and asking for clarification on any confusion you may have will ensure your fence is following any regulations. It's disheartening to receive a complaint on your fence and need to have parts of it replaced or refinished, making it ideal to start with new fencing correctly the first time.

Speak to Your Neighbors

Before you rush into having fencing picked out, it's best to see whether your neighbors have a fence already. Since their fence can play a big part in how your front yard looks, choosing a similar style and color for your own fence may make sense.

If your neighbors don't have any fencing yet, it could be ideal to work together to have the same fence installed for both your homes. This way, the look will be seamless and can be ideal for creating a cohesive style for the neighborhood.

Work with Professionals

Doing fence installation on your own can be the cheapest route, but there can be complications that make it a challenge. When you live somewhere with an HOA, it becomes even more important to check what professionals offer in terms of a quality job done and a guarantee for their work. Your HOA may even require you to work with chosen fencing contractors, making it vital to look into before you make any decisions.

Finding fencing to install can be challenging when your neighborhood has regulations you'll need to follow. Before you choose fencing, the above tips should be considered to avoid issues where the fence needs replacement or looks out of place in your neighborhood.