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On The Fence About A Vinyl Fence? Know These Pros And Cons

Are you ready to install a new fence around your yard but are undecided about what kind of material you want to use for the job? If you are considering vinyl fencing, here are a few pros and cons about using the material that you should know.

Pro: Vinyl Is Low Maintenance 

Tired of having to sand and seal your wood fencing to prevent it from looking bad? This is not an issue with vinyl, because the material is incredibly low maintenance. There is no sanding, sealing, or painting that needs to be done to maintain its look. In fact, vinyl maintains its color all the way through the material, so even small scratches will not be as noticeable as they would be on a painted surface. 

The most maintenance that you will need to do to a vinyl fence is washing it when it gets really dirty, which can be done by using soap and water. No special cleaners are needed for a vinyl fence. This will prevent mold from growing under dirt that is trapping moisture, which will make it harder to clean.

Con: Vinyl Is Getting More Expensive

It is important to consider the current costs of vinyl fencing material. While vinyl used to be known as a material that was cheaper than natural wood, now vinyl is becoming more expensive due to the manufacturing process that is involved. This means that vinyl is no longer considered a more affordable fencing material when compared to the other materials that are out there.

Pro: Vinyl Is Available In Many Different Styles And Colors

Looking for a specific aesthetic for your yard? It could be a certain color or design that is a bit different than a flat panel. Know that vinyl fencing material comes in a variety of different colors and styles. There will be sure to be something out there that fits the look that you want.

Con: Vinyl Is Hollow

Vinyl fencing is not going to be a solid piece of vinyl, since it is often hollow in places to save on material costs. This means that vinyl can crack from impact damage. However, it is possible to strengthen things like the fence posts by using wood inserts. The most important parts of the fence will then be very solid, which will help the fence last as long as possible by being extra durable.

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